Minding the Gaps: Reimagining the Women of Sherlock

Being an ardent fan of Sherlock (or any text) can be like playing a game of deduction; using the data you already have on the characters, you must often extrapolate and theorize if you want to know more about them. Writers of fan fiction must be especially comfortable with this process, since often they are filling in the gaps between scenes or between series, or even putting these beloved characters into completely different settings and situations.

The Joys Of Writing Fan Fiction – Or, How I Stopped Worrying And Wrote 700,000 Words Of Sherlock

There exists an utterly foolproof way to spark your imagination, to kindle a mental flame so intense, that you feel your brain will melt if you don’t get words down on paper (euphemism for computer screen.) There is a process so completely, devastatingly Real that you have no choice but to begin writing fan fiction and keep on writing for as long as you wish. Trust me; this works. Here it is. Four little words. You fall in love.